Challenging the movement and communication of residents in the town of Sandwhich


My second term project of second year was to design a 40 unit housing development within the heart of the medieval town of Sandwich. Upon visitng the site I noticed the lack of people outside their homes, walking through the town, I wanted to change this, by giving existing residents a path through from the town down to the river bank, passing new commercial units on their way, and new houses on their way, housing that would have balconies to encourage discourse from new to existing residents.

I designed 4 different housing types, 3 houses and a set of apartments, all with different number of bedrooms and bathrooms to encourage people on all walks of life, young business people, to families, to pensioners.

This page shows the view into the housing development from the town centre, drawing your eye through the development.

Site analysis

Design Guide and Precedent Study

Masterplan Page

Housing Type 1

Housing Type 2

Housing Type 3

Housing Type 4

Construction and Environmental Sections

Site Elevation and Section

Site Isometric

Site Perspectives