Our brief was to analyse the Theatre Royal in Margate, bring it into the 21st Century, and introduce a 40sqm intervention in the theatre, for any use we thought relevant.

Margate, a seaside town was once a hustling and bustling seaside tourist escape, however over time its tourist industry has declined, leaving buildings that were used as entertainment spots abandoned. Like many theatres in the modern world, the theatre Royal struggles with finding a use during the daytime. I wanted to make sure that the Theatre Royal upheld its routes in theatre, whilst my intervention would become a multi use space that could be adapted to the needs of the community, ensuring that the Theatre Royal would be abled to adapt for the future.

My title page shows how with my intervention I hope to draw people into Margate, whilst planning for the future.

In my site analysis I noted the “Landmarks” of Margate, and how the Theatre Royal did not have the same feeling of grandeur, I wanted to reintroduce that feeling for the Theatre.

I analysed the rise and decline of tourism in Margate, and noted that the use of all these buildings that drew people in was singular and resulted in their abandonment once the need for the facility was over.

Hourly Timeline

I also analysed the hourly daily use, and seasonal use of these landmarks I noted in the site analysis. After noting how many of these buildings were limited to spring and summer months as well as hours of only 12pm-5pm I wanted to ensure that the theatre had a use through all seasons and hours.

Precedents and Concept Model

I analysed the Shed Theatre, The Bristol Old Vic, and the Plywood Theatre. I explored the idea of a “theatre within a theatre” with my concept model shown above, which is what I wanted to creatre within my theatre. The existing auditorium showcasing grander productions, whilst the new intervention showing smaller, informal productions out onto the street.

Ground Floor Page

Showing a new grander entrance, a cleaner front of house, and back of house area. Colour coded to show the areas in plan that have been changed.

Second Floor Plan

This page shows the new entrance from hawley square, the most used axis to the theatre, as well as a new light staircase, shown in the perspective.

Third Floor Page

Highlighted in orange on the plan shows where my intervention lies, and how the theatre shows are projected out to the audience in the street.

1:60 Plan of the intervention

The series of plans to coresponding perspective, shows how the fully customisable space can be used in both summer and winter: withe the exterior bifold doors and interior sliding doors open or closed to transform the space into a summer open air theatre or an intimate spoken word show for the winter.

Long Elevation

In this long elevation you can see how the exterior bifold corten steel doors mimic traditional stage curtains to reveal the play to the viewers in the street.

Long Section

In the long section you can see how I have cleaned up the existing space in the theatre, as well as how I lowered the ceiling so that the floor level from the existing theatre to my new theatre is the same.

1:20 Construction Section

In this construction section you can see how my intervention works as like a shipping container, as it is self contained, with a pulley system to hang props and solar shading. As well as the detailing for the bifold doors, the connection to the roof, and the rear ventilation system. I created a 1:35 construction sectional model to show in further detail.

"Welcome to Margate"

My Final Drawing shows the outdoor theatre in use, and how the thratre after these changes is finally worthy of its own postcard.