An Urban Design Planning Project


This 4 week project, was done in connection to our Urban Intervention Module, and was to analyse 3 squares within Margate and ensure they formed a connection to the Theatre Royal.

In my urban intervention module, I created an outdoor theatre that was its own self supporting container, this means it can be taken off the theatre and placed elsewhere within margate, which is what I have done in this module. I nicknamed the theatre “Margate’s Arts Travelling Theatre” or “M.A.T.T.i” for short. He is to be placed in different squares and areas of margate, so that his use is not just limited to the 3 squares we needed to redesign, but is more of an overall masterplan concept for the whole city.

Site Analysis

Here I analysed each of the squares, by function,hourly use,current feeling and potential for the future,which then helped me decide which use M.A.T.T.i would have in each area of margate. The drawing at the bottom shows how he would be transported around the town.


My masterplanning page shows how I am bringing greenery through from hawley square into cecil square, I changed the use of cecil square to primarily cafes and restaurants to make the square a friendlier hub of the town. The comic book strip on the side shows a family using the booklet below, to find M.A.T.T.i, as he would be in different places during different seasons.

Where's M.A.T.T.i?

This is the booklet that you would pick up from Margate station, which would show you where he is during different seasons and what hes being used for: as an ice cream parlour, a rentable gallery space for the artists of margate, a drive in cinema, and an outdoor theatre.

Site Model and Axonometric

I made a 1:1000 site model to show how M.A.T.T.i can be picked up from the Theatre Royal and moved throughout margate, rendered above to show the different uses.

First Person Perspectives

These first person perspectives show the differnt uses of M.A.T.T.i throughout Margate and the experience of each one: as an ice cream parlour on the beach, a rentable gallery space in cecil square, a drive in cinema in addington square, and an outdoor theatre in victoria park.